Physical and Inner healing

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His power to heal and love people has not changed. We believe God is our healer. Jesus died not only to free us from sin but also from sickness, curse and oppression by the enemy. We have witness God tremendous healing power in hundreds of lives in the last two years.

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Are you in need of healing in your body or mind?
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Do you experience relief after prayer but the pain comes back later?
Is it your desire for you and your family to live in divine health?
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Healing Prayer Groups
Healing Prayer
Inner Healing
We recently hosted a Healings & Miracles Night in Rolling Meadows. One of our partners welcomed us and opened their home for us to host the meeting. Everyone who came experienced a powerful time of worship, revelations, prophecies and miracles!
A few instant miracles we witnessed that weekend were:
1. A person who had issues with 2 discs in her back, issues with rotatory cuff and needing hip replacement was instantly healed
2. Back spasm was gone
3. Body aches and stiffness gone
4. Back issues healed
5. Spinal issues healed
6. Head ache healed
Hallelujah! Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever! He is so faithful to show up every time we call on His name.

“The Incredibly True Story of  Talitha's Life Transformation – And How You Can Receive Your Healing Too!”

Receiving your healing miracle doesn’t have to be hard -- if you know the secret …

Dear Friend,
Talitha is someone a lot like you…

Listen to Talitha's story of struggle in her own words.

"I was a person who constantly felt small, and I couldn’t believe that the Lord would have an encounter with me. All I wanted was to love God, but I just couldn’t. I was convinced He was very unhappy with me since I couldn’t wait upon Him. I believed every lie the devil told me. This mindset was there for about ten years, and I stopped reading the Bible. Since I thought God wasn’t pleased with me, I tried to please everybody else so I could feel good about myself, but it got to a point when everything seemed so frustrating. I got immersed on social media and secular songs just so I could keep my mind off things. I knew my joy was being eaten up, but I couldn’t stop. I became dull with no hope..."

And like you, Talitha struggled rejection, low self-worth, and did not know how to break out of the bondages of despair and sorrow.
Maybe you can relate…
Devil lied and crippled her with fear, anxiety, and despair.

Talitha tried to love God. She tried to please God, but she just could not and sunk into a deeper state of despair. She tried taking logical common steps, but it did not work.

But then Talitha made a marvelous discovery that changed everything…
And what happened next was absolutely astounding…

Listen it in her own words.
Night Healing Prayer

"What happened at the Life is Christ Ministries meeting was something I never imagined even in my dreams. I registered just to please my family, and I guess that was the best decision of my life. My eyes were opened; my concepts were broken. God took me to a place where I’ve never been before, a place where His love flowed in abundance. I saw my God for who He is. His love, power, and glory have no boundaries. It just flows endlessly. And that’s when I fell hard for Him. So desperate that if it was a human receiving that kind of love, you would call it madness— clingy love. But I was sure my God wanted such an intense, intimate romance with Him. And now, a few minutes without Him, He makes me feel parched. I need to sit in His presence, scream out my praises to Him because He deserves my everything, and I read His Word so He could reveal His secrets to me. I can’t get enough, I want to taste more of His love, His joy until my mind becomes a very duplication of His mind. We have this awesome Christ living in us. Let us not put Him in a box, He can do anything, give you experiences like never before! It took Him a day to pour that kind of love into my heart. I thank God for dear Rennet, Tabitha, and Jonah for being open vessels, allowing His anointing to flow freely and abundantly to people. God bless you with His love, joy, and peace! "

Wow!!! Talitha was forever changed! This was no fluke, or a one time experience. But God's miracle worked and is still working...
Fast forward more than 400 days. Talitha is ever growing in her walk with God, and experiencing depths of His goodness and glory that had eluded her for so long!

So, what was this marvelous discovery that birthed this miracle?

I want you to hear and experience for yourself by connecting with us through one of the options below [Prayer/Events/Words of Life/Fire]...

Now before you think Talitha's results could be just a one-off fluke, I can assure you it is not.  Take a look…

Just look at what others are saying about...

"Thank you Pastor Rennet and Tabitha! I am still basking in His glory and feeling the fire. I walked out of the conference with more confidence and healing flowing. I had visions and much revelation throughout the day. I’m so grateful for the time we spent in the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And how so many people were healed and set free. I look forward to next time spent with you guys. All glory to God!"

"God confirmed his words today. My teenage daughter got God’s presence and was filled with the Holy Spirit. I felt deliverance from my sadness and God’s presence was so comforting. Truly God’s presence was like a fire, and praying God continues to use Pastor Rennet and Tabitha."
~ Anonymous

"I am healed with a transformation of my mindset. A new mindset. My daughter, Hannah, receive the word of the Lord and testified about it in church on Sunday."
~ Yolanda

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