Christian Business Fellowship
As the children of Abraham through Christ Jesus we are supposed to bless all the families of the world. God is raising modern day Josephs! I believe the Spirit of God who was upon Joseph and Daniel will fall upon you in these last days. God is raising up thought leaders, innovators, millionaires, and billionaires who will influence the world in these last days for a mighty Kingdom harvest!!

We are offering 3 categories of coaching and fellowship opportunities:

1. Financial Literacy and Education - learn more at Shaddai
2. Life coaching (includes managing stress, self-development, and productivity coaching)- learn more at Shaddai
3. Business Fellowship
Financial Literacy coaching
 Education coaching

Christian Business Fellowship

We are launching a new chapter of CBMC in Madison. We will have monthly meetings with Christ-centered business leaders helping one another apply God’s Word and His Spirit to their business and personal lives in a confidential setting with a heart to create a greater kingdom impact .

CBMC’s Peer Advisory Group ministry is for business leaders who desire to lead their business according to Biblical principles and become part of a community with other like minded leaders in their geographic area.
Our Distinctives:
  • We focus on the “whole person”
  • We help business leaders live as “Marketplace Ambassadors”
  • We have a Great Commission focus
  • Serving leaders in the marketplace for over 80 years
Will I be a good fit? 
  1. Are you a senior business leader (i.e. chief executive, chief operating officer, president or business owner)? Do you have a tendency to lead your company alone and feel in isolation?
  2. Would you like a confidential place to share your business, personal and spiritual challenges and successes with other like-minded business leaders?
  3. Would a regular exchange of best in business principles integrated with your spiritual values bring incremental value to your business?
  4. Would a group of carefully selected peers committed to journey with you for the long run as you lead your business, family and serve your community be of value?
  5. Are you lacking strategies to handle tough issues with employees, customers, vendors, and competitors that incorporate best in business principals integrated with a Christian world view?
If the answer is yes to many of these questions, you are likely a good fit. You can apply by clicking the button and filling the form.